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APPAREL DESIGN STUDIO: A free software available from Alpha Specialties and Awards allows you to design your own artwork (including your logo if needed) so it can be imprinted or embroidered on selected shirts. It also offers a great demo video that will teach you how to use this software. Once you have design the artwork you want on your shirts, you can also use the software to request a quote from Alpha. The artwork you created will be e-mailed to us along with your quote request.

ARTWORK REQUIREMENTS: When using Apparel Design Studio, please keep in mind this software does not generate "vector" artwork as required by our Artwork Specs. Design Studio allows you to create a visual representation of your artwork, and in some cases if the artwork is a single color, we can use the artwork as is. However, the more complicated the artwork is and the more colors the artwork has the more of a chance the artwork will need to be reworked for imprinting. If the artwork needs to be reworked for imprinting, then additional artwork charges will apply.

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